“At last we found consultants who understood the solution selling process, and helped us to understand that sales training was only one of the levers for change. Their system thinking framework really helped bring into sharp focus the other areas of our business we needed to align with the solution selling approach.”

Sun University
Sun Microsystems

Our System Mapping® process makes problems, alignment issues and solutions easy to see.

But what is it?

System Mapping® is a dynamic, data driven, visual on-line mapping application and a powerful business diagnostic process. It provides clear, interactive, and easy-to-analyze displays for rapid decision making. Anyone with a computer and a mouse can navigate the System Maps™, drilling down quickly to see where the issues really are.

But to say that System Mapping® is just another business diagnostic tool is to say the London Symphony Orchestra is just another band. Its power and elegance will surprise you.

We have used our System Mapping® process for over ten years with a range of global Fortune 500 companies. It has an impressive track record of success for helping clients:

  • Identify and get aligned around the real problems.
  • Collect and present data in a clear, meaningful way that removes emotion and finger-pointing from the discussion.
  • Make sense of the complexity of their organization.
  • Identify the root cause of their issues.
  • Test recommendations and actions before implementation to understand their impact.
  • Make better decisions.
  • Measure real change in the organization.

Another plus:

because data analysis is completed in real time, as the data is collected, your clients can allocate more time and resources for planning and implementation, not for analysis.

Remotely-located clients? No problem. System Mapping® can be used in virtual meetings over the Internet.

We have a range of System Maps™ to help you help your clients.
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