Our System Mapping® process has received rave reviews from many of its end-users.

Here’s just a sampling:

“We were faced with many challenges about the way Service Delivery worked, the tools we used and process we had in place. This created quite a challenge and had major impacts upon the level of customer satisfaction. The System Mapping® process challenged my thought process about the best way to mobilize my people across different cultures, how to get their buy-in to the change process and accelerate the process. I would have tried to roll it down the structural hierarchy. It showed us a more effective way to get results faster. The initial data collection and mapping activity was incredibly illuminating.”

Vice President,
Technology & Customer Support
AT&T Business Services EMEA

“The System Mapping® process helped us diagnose what was happening in our internal client organization so that we could respond in the most effective way. The tool and the data provided gave us an holistic and integrative picture of the situation – helping us to understand and prioritize our support strategies to address the client’s issues. The combination of the data along with the facilitation was a potent approach to providing solutions for a more effective division”

Vice President,
Human Resources
The Children’s Hospital, Denver

“I would like to emphasize that it was the processes and frameworks that are now being introduced through the Leading Net Services programme that helped me secure this agreement. This deal is evidence to show that the system mapping processes work, and I would hope it encourages others to experiment as the outcomes that are achievable can be measured in millions of Euro’s.”

Account Director,
(after securing a $5m contract from a leading Telecom’s company)

“At last we found consultants who understood the solution selling process, and helped us to understand that sales training was only one of the levers for change. Their system thinking framework really helped bring into sharp focus the other areas of our business we needed to align with the solution selling approach.”

Sun University
Sun Microsystems

“While this team had a lot of energy and creativity we felt that there were some barriers stopping us reaching our full potential. There were some differences within the group that were not easy for us to identify, yet we all knew something was holding us back. The consultants were able to help us quickly identify these issues using their System Mapping® framework – and then did a great job of facilitating the team to resolution. We have subsequently used the System Mapping® process on a quarterly basis to help the team clarify any potential barriers”

VP Operations,