"We were faced with many challenges about the way Service Delivery worked, the tools we used and process we had in place. This created quite a challenge and had major impacts upon the level of customer satisfaction. The System Mapping® process challenged my thought process about the best way to mobilize my people across different cultures, how to get their buy-in to the change process and accelerate the process. I would have tried to roll it down the structural hierarchy. It showed us a more effective way to get results faster. The initial data collection and mapping activity was incredibly illuminating."

Vice President,
Technology & Customer Support
AT&T Business Services EMEA

With our Suite of Solutions, you become the conductor of your client's success.

Our Suite of Solutions is based on System Mapping®. This mapping process enables consultants to help their clients get an accurate picture of the current state of their organization by identifying where they are aligned and not aligned and pinpointing the key issues facing the organization. The System Mapping® process offers these benefits:

  • Fast...

    It enables you to rapidly identify and address the actual root cause of an issue in a fraction of the time needed by traditional methods.
  • Flexible...

    You have the option of engaging your client in a highly facilitative process or undertaking a “closed door” analysis, then reporting your recommendations to your client.
  • Effective...

    It's a powerful and cost-effective solution that you can tailor to the needs of your clients.
  • Simple...

    Our System Mapping® process has an easy-to-use and easy-to-understand graphic interface that your clients will love. And here's a plus: because it's web-based, there's no need to deal with your client's or your IT department.

We have a range of solutions to fit your different business needs. Our graphic maps, called System Maps™, allow consultants to see the big picture within an organization. Because they are visual – and easy to understand – consultants can use them:

  • In their offices to clearly see their client’s situation and rapidly create a report that outlines recommendations.
  • In a meeting with their consultant team to discuss their client’s issues and work on solutions.
  • In facilitated sessions with their clients to help them clearly grasp their organizational issues and rapidly move them into decision-making. This ensures buy-in from the client.

Here are the System Mapping® Solutions currently available to consultants:

Snapshot System Map™

This is our core System Map™ that shows the current state of an organization, department or group. It can be used for several different needs and has increasing levels of detail. Its uses include:

  • Helping the individuals in a department or team understand where they are relative to each other. The map shows the perceptions each person in the group has about a certain issue or about their organization as a whole. This is the first step in aligning a group in order to make informed decisions.
  • Helping a group understand the current state of their department, team, or entire organization. It shows, "where we are now" as a starting point.
  • Understanding how an issue is affecting two or three demographic groups, or to test if an organizational initiative has been successfully cascaded to the entire organization. The Snapshot System Map™ shows "slices" of data from several target demographic groups.
  • Integrating two departments. The map shows possible areas of conflict during an integration so that steps can be taken to address problems and ensure a smooth transition. This is crucial in developing a sustainable 90-day integration plan.

Mergers & Acquisitions System Map™

This specialized, comprehensive map is used before merging two departments to identify potential issues and develop a go/no-go strategy. Research indicates that many post-merger problems can be avoided by more clearly understanding both the "soft" factors in such mergers (culture, people, communication, etc.) as well as the "hard" factors (operations, structure, measurements, etc.). The Mergers & Acquisition System Map™ addresses both. This System Map™ can also be used for multi-company M&A considerations.

If you are interested in more information on our Suite of Solutions, simply , and we will be happy to set up a demonstration for you.